NRA Members' Council


Santa Clara County

Parade and Float, July 4th 2007

Once again we managed a float for the 4th of July parade in Morgan Hill, California. Here's just a few photos of the fantastic time we had with this event.

A confetti cannon on the truck bed goes off with a bang showering riders and spectators alike in streamers and confetti. In the back of the truck, Nick Kirchner and Kevin Walsh had 50 preloaded confetti cannons, which they feverously threaded, fired and unthreaded from the trucks compressed air supply.

Dan and Kathy Walsh supplied the large scale graphics. The message on the rear of the float was the theme of the 2007 parade.

The crowds loved the confetti cannon. They would give a roar as if it were a home team touchdown each time we fired them.

The CO2 cannons in the rear fired in concert with the blasts of streamers and confetti. What we had not taken into account was the high voltage lines directly overhead. Some of use were really concerned that a streamer could cause an arc-over. Fortunately, the paper is insulative - so we needn't have been too concerned.

A featured shot from the Morgan Hill Times. From left to right, Scott Gibs, Chuck Azzarello, Bob Hultsman and Kathy Walsh (as Betsy Ross). Inside the rear structure of the trailer were 5 huge CO2 cylinders, plumed to fire through the cannon by a foot operated valve. We especially want to thank Tom Nichols for donating the CO2 gear. Nick Kirchner provided the brace of 1700's ships cannon.

Full view of the float. Nick Kirchner and Kevin Walsh can be seen peering out of the truck bed anxiously judging the location of the overhead high voltage lines. Chuck Horejs is waking safety alongside.

Chuck Azzarello triumphantly holds the Grand Sweepstakes trophy for Best Parade Entry. Other team members are Judy Kritikos, Nick Kirchner, Michelle Gibs, Dan Walsh, Monica McGillicutti, Joe Walsh, Robin "Rock" Bickford, Scott Gibs, Elija O'Steen and Floyd Dunning.

Nick Kirchner fires a blank from one of his brace of 1700's naval cannon.

Past Events

This members' council can be found at many gun shows, as well as at county fairs, parades and other events all throughtout Santa Clara County. Here's some pictures of just some of the many events this council has attended.