NRA Members' Council


Santa Clara County

Morgan Hill Parade Float, July 4th 2006

Half the fun of having a float is building it. Here we are, doing just that before the July 4th, 2006 Morgan Hill parade.

From right to left, Chuck Azzarello, Bob Hultzman, Homero Carrillo and Robert Holtsman begin to hang artwork on the bare frame.

Dennis Fazzio and Homero Carrillo hang flags.

Nick Kirchner and Bud Azzarello steady a cannon as it is lowered into place. Each cannon with truck weighs 500 lbs.

Colonial garb. From left; Helen Borg, Joe Walsh, Daughter McGillicutty, MaryAnn McGillicutty, Monica McGillicutty, Michele Gibs, Cherye Klockmann and Tracy Westmorelan.

Eddie and kids before loading up the float. Mike Borg confirmed that it gets hot real fast inside that suit - especially after the battery operated cooling unit ran out of juice before we ran out of parade.

Eddie Eagle and admirers waving at the crowds.

Getting our message out to a receptive crowds in excess of 100,000 people.

George Washington, aka, Bob Hultsman.

We win 2nd place in the amateur category. Some of the float team members: Standing from left, Dennis Fazzio, Chuck Azzarello, Nick Kirchner, Homero Carrillo, Joe Walsh, Dan Walsh; seated; Monica McGillicutty, Judy Kritikos and Kathy Walsh.

Nick Kirchner fires off a live round from one of the two cannons. Dan Walsh and Homero Carrillo observe. Projectile diameter is 2.25 inches. The 500 lb cannon recoils six feet. A shock wave lifts the tarp in front of the cannon.

Past Events

This members' council can be found at many gun shows, as well as at county fairs, parades and other events all throughtout Santa Clara County. Here's some pictures of just some of the many events this council has attended.