NRA Members' Council


Santa Clara County

Fun Shoot, June 2008

Once a month our members' council holds a fun shoot at the Metcalf gun range at Field Sports Park in Santa Clara County. It's our way of staying connected to the activity that drew us all together in the first place.

The morning session is configured for close-in work. Mostly pistols are used for this session, as well as some .22 rifles.

Kathy Walsh is the sunscreen police.

Steve Ho takes aim with his black powder .38.

After the morning session, we break for lunch. Here we are making use of Metcalf's grill and picnic area. From left-to-right, Vlad Butsky, Steve Ho, Chuck Azzarello, Craig Looney, Kathy Walsh, and Bob Hultsman is at the grill.

After lunch, we configure for 75 yard (on the left) and some tactical pistol(on the right).

On the 75 yard range is Kevin Walsh, Nick Kirchner with his Browning .338, Vlad Butsky with his .223, and Mitchell Kirk talking with Wally Gardner.

Kevin Walsh with his 30 caliber carbine.

Rangemaster Chuck Azzarello passes judgment on a suspicious round.

Past Events

This members' council can be found at many gun shows, as well as at county fairs, parades and other events all throughtout Santa Clara County. Here's some pictures of just some of the many events this council has attended.